Miranda 3.jpg

Miranda Smith

Miranda has been our office manager since 2013 and oversees all of our compliance, accounting, payroll and human resource activities. She is also Jim's left hand - the one that writes the checks.

Lynn Holty

Our Hospitality Manager, Lynn, is the concierge for our wine clubs, and designs stunning events for our pick-up parties and Wine Road weekends. She was a mainstay at the old Chateau Souverain winery down the road for many years and has been a member of many wine advisory boards and the Chamber of Commerce in Geyserville.


Tara Tusi

Multi-tasking Tara is our Winery Operations Manager. She makes sure our wines are on hand in the Tasting Room, handles orders for outside sales, oversees events, and even pulls cellar duty during harvest. She says she loves to do "boy work" such as shoveling out tanks as much as she enjoys pouring our wines and telling our guests all about our story.

Doug Kouma web.jpg

Doug Kouma

Doug is originally from the Midwest and has adapted well to the Sonoma County lifestyle by enhancing his wine education and joining our team as Consumer Sales & Marketing Manager. He oversees the Tasting Room staff, creates our graphic design materials, and produces copy for our labels and brochures. And he joins the cellar team during harvest as well - a very hands-on guy!

Susan Sheridan-Chiantella

Susan is in charge of our Tasting Room on Mondays and always has a warm greeting for our guests. She guides tours through the vineyards and wine caves while explaining the history of our ranch and winery.

Shelby Lou

Shelby is our Winery Dog, happy to see you and be the hostess to our four-legged guests. She loves playing fetch, finding ripe grapes to sample and taking long walks in the vineyard with Jim & Eliza.